The first proprietary investment blockchain that is utilizing Artificial Intelligence for superior money management. Welcome to the future of investing autonomously. Investors can use Compcoin to generate earnings from programmed currency trading, not just from others buying into a limited supply of coins. Other coins can only transact. There are no earnings except what is assessed to other community members. This means there is no net capital growth in other digital coin communities. Compcoin provides the opportunity for financial trading revenues available to each individual coin holder, boosting net capital. Compcoin can be stored for future value or used as a modern way to invest and save. » Watch to Learn More Wallet Entrance
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Compcoin has four dimensions of value

Introducing a secure transparent blockchain digital coin that is a software license for financial technology.

Earnings Capacity

Compcoin users own a software license in the form of a Digital Coin on a blockchain. Its value can be traded based on estimates of its capacity to produce sustained earnings for investors. Compcoin is a step forward in the quality of digital coins. No other digital coin has the capacity to grow wealth with income generated outside of its community. Investors in these other instruments can make money in just one way, when a new investor buys at a higher price. Compcoin can produce earnings and grow in price.

Unique Use Value

Compcoin uses its blockchain so investors can gain the advantage of investing together without combining funds. Compcoin allows investors of any size – large or small – to participate through decentralized crowd investing. Funds are always kept separate and in your control. There's no need for a centralized pooled fund. This means you get access to the same opportunities as the wealthiest accredited investors. Compcoin democratizes the investment playing field.

Savings Value

Digital Coins typically rise in value as they are used, but profitability is achieved only when they are sold. Compcoins earnings capacity makes it possible for you to profit without ever needing to sell your coins. Compcoins can be saved for long term ROI.

Transparency Value

In the future Wall Street Investors will only be able to own transparent digital coins. Using Compcoins to invest with is highly transparent and done under the advice of a Commodities Trading Advisor that is monitored to be in compliance with all U.S. financial regulations. Invest with peace of mind. Compcoin was founded by experienced financial executives and licensed Commodities Trading Advisors.


Blockchain + Earnings Capacity from financial trading = Compcoin, the first digital asset with four aspects of intrinsic value


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