Predictive Intelligence

At the end of every quarter (Jan-March 31, April 1-June30, July1-Sept 30, October thru December 31), ART automatically returns previously used Compcoins to our clients digital wallet (minus a small transaction fee of .05% of a Compcoin).

ART is activated by transferring a minimum of 500 Compcoins from your digital wallet. The results from auto trading goes directly to clients personal Forex Trading Account.

Your Compcoin wallet and your required FOREX investment account are separate financial systems. You FOREX investment account is part of the banking system. You compcoin wallet is part of an Internet based financial system.



  • Art is an Artificial Intelligence program (computer program using a detailed bayesian logic system and a proven algorithm to make decisions)
  • system and a proven algorithm to make decisions)
  • Compcoin has developed ART over many years.
  • ART uses historical data to make predictive decisions
  • ART is programmed to attempt to predict high-probability trades between the US Dollar and the Euro on the FOREX market.
  • ART does not always show gains, in fact, sometimes he shows a loss
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