Our Founder

Alan Friedland

In 1993, Mr. Friedland created and developed software that produced the first Internet web based Investor Chatroom (talkroom.com, questchat) with integrated advertising systems.  After 5 years of success, in 1998 he reinvented his Internet software into an web based communication center for education.

Heeding a desire to help those around him, Mr. Friedland introduced disruptive technology that fostered competition and improved public education.  He created the first wireless laptop-based Charter schools throughout central Florida. This model was then copied, and it spurred the development of technology based magnet schools in the state.

Then in 2004, he founded Bright Learning-Cyber High School.  It’s a registered private school for special-needs students. The school has successfully helped families and students for more than 12 years, and it continues to do so today.

In addition to his work in education, over the last 20 years Mr. Friedland has created trading algorithms used by securities industry professionals. In recent years his research and development focused on Artificial Intelligence techniques to build smarter, autonomous, self-learning trading programs for currency trading.

Mr. Friedland has been working with technology and trading the financial markets for almost 30 years. He has been developing artificial intelligence for trading systems as a professional trader and software developer since 1993, and has been developing predictive intelligence systems to perform trades on the Forex Market since 2010.

Furthering the success of the Predictive Intelligence system, Mr. Friedland created the first technology-based investment software program that combines AI with Blockchain Technology.  He created Compcoin, the first investment program using an Internet-based token of exchange, allowing for a decentralized investing method that eliminates many of the risks associated with reliance upon centralized control.

Mr. Friedland  began offering Compcoin trading software to the public in  April of 2015.  It has allowed informed investors access to the Compcoin Investment System that has provided an automated trading solution in their personal investment accounts.

Compcoin trading Software is innovative in many regards, but especially in the use of a new kind of private blockchain token for digital rights management. It limits the amount of money that can be invested with the Compcoin software. The goal of using this technology is to reduce market impact risk that could change the successful back-tested model results going forward. The blockchain based digital wallet secures access and allows investors to independently self adjust the parameters of the trading activity in their account autonomously.

Then in August of 2016, Mr. Friedland founded Fintech Investment Group, member of the N.F.A.. The firm’s goal is to assist independent investors with both financial advice and technology to successfully manage trading in the currency markets.