Compcoin and its team is always continuing to capture engagement of additional
retail, institutional and pension clients. There are many benefits of investing in any of the ART
Networks many different algorithms.

The Compcoin team commodities trading advisor will always be there to help. Support for Compcoin is growing more and more everyday as well as the community around it. To gain more market support, Compcoin is gradually increasing the amount of cryptocurrency exchanges it is being traded on.

Education about the Compcoin and ART Network is vital for mass market adoption. Many different advertising campaigns and initiatives are being developed to promote education and mass market adoption for the coin and the ART Network. Compcoin is illustrating how to create exceptional returns by adhering to advanced statistical methods and artificial intelligence, even though bull and bear markets.

Financial institutions and advisors are already starting to notice the value Compcoin can bring to a firm or person of any size. Compcoin is now accepting applications from anyone who wants to utilize Compcoin and blockchain to boost returns autonomously.

ART is improving every day to create a more intelligent and superior network to generate returns. 

The ART Network is always being developed, although Currently Forex is the main market ART
trades in, algorithms for more markets are being developed day to day to offer investors more
diversity and peace of mind while investing. While the Compcoin team produces most of the
algorithms to this date we are offing the option for more developers to submit their work to us in a
mutually beneficial agreement to ensure innovation and future longevity of the ART Network.
ART’s latest product being brought to the table January 1, 2018 will allow ART to trade one crypto
against another within investors’ portfolios as well as many other strategies within the cryptocurrency market.
The Compcoin community will begin to sign agreements with exchanges to optimize the
performance of the new algorithms and trading strategies the ART Network adds to ensure
maximized profitability for both the exchange and Compcoins investors.

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