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Alan Friedland

Alan Friedland is Chairman and Founder of Compcoin. he has been working with technology and trading the financial markets for almost 30 years. He has been developing artificial intelligence for trading systems as a professional trader and software developer since 1993, and has been developing predictive intelligence systems to perform trades on the Forex Market since 2010. In recent years his research and development focused on Artificial Intelligence techniques to build smarter, autonomous, self-learning trading programs for currency trading. 

August of 2016, Friedland founded FinTech Investment Group, member of the N.F.A.. The firm’s goal is to assist independent investors with both financial advice and technology to successfully manage trading in the currency markets.

Mike McDonald is an Advisor for Compcoin.

McDonald has over 20 years experience in fintech and financial trading. Before Compcoin, McDonald was Senior Financial Advisor at Aegis Capital Corp where he lead the investment strategy for high profile clients. McDonald is a licensed broker and has advised over 300 clients with investable assets ranging from $250k to $20 million.

Mike McDonald

Josh Dettman

Josh Dettman is an Advisor for Compoin.

As a leading voice in the world of trading, Josh Dettman has bridged the gap between the worlds of conventional investing, and alternative investments. His leadership and cutting edge trading techniques have created wealth for his clients for decades. Mr. Dettman has been a guest on many programs including Bloomberg and CNBC. His numerous published articles have made him a “go to” source in the trading community

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Compcoin is a trusted financial investment system that operates using a valuable blockchain Digital Asset to run a decentralized financial trading computer. Using Compcoin provides the capacity for automatically generated cash flows using AI.

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