ART Trading Technology

It took technology experts many years to build ART, the smart engine of this cloud based cryptofinance system. ART has successfully predicted profitable trades over the past 8 years.  By training  ART the Predictive Intelligence Technology with historical back-testing results, it has proven to be capable of making accurate forward looking predictions that can be turned into profits.  ART technology is used by professionals to profitably work with many compatible brokersOur algorithm was built using advanced computer science techniques. This adaptive self-learning investment technology automatically manages your live FOREX account. (Live or Demo Account required).  

A few times a week while you’re living your life,  ART runs automatically, and you can see the results in your private investment account. Reported results have been on par with other auto-trading algorithms used by large hedge funds unavailable to most investors.

  • Compcoin puts greater control in the hands of the investors by creating a level playing field for ordinary investors who do not have access to the same opportunities as the wealthy, with advanced trading technologies and strategies available to the wealthiest accredited investors
  • Cutting-edge trading technology levels the investing playing field by granting access to advanced trading technologies once available exclusively to elite investors, hedge fund managers, etc.
  • Value of and demand for Compcoin increases with successful results.
  • ART  delivers sophisticated machine learning, predictive analytics algorithms and bayesian logic to make accurate predictions on high probability trades and trends in global currencies.
  • Same technologies used by Amazon and Google to recommend purchases and predict buying patterns. This leads to the increased probability of outsized returns.
  • Maintains liquidity: Grants access open access to professional investment management services without having to invest in a centralized  fund/maintaining individual control.
  • Brokerage agnostic: Compcoin can link to many of the most popular trading platforms.
    • Automatically executes trade orders through desired broker.
    • Investor maintains complete access and control over their account.
  • Compcoin’s trading platform works with professional advisors automatically doing all the legwork for you.
    • Automatically executes and manages foreign currency trades and eliminates many of the emotional/technical mistakes most novices routinely make.
  • Compcoin will release official ROI figures when it announces earnings quarterly.