What is Compcoin?

Compcoin is a public currency trading platform. It uses a blockchain to securely share trading technology among investors instead of each competing with one another. If you own a digital coin called Compcoin (code CMP) the decentralized automatic global trading computer can auto execute trades in your individual investment account. Compcoin’s technology is used by investors with the guidance of licensed financial advisers. Compcoins run a distributed network of financial trading computers creating a trusted automatic investment platform. It links indivdual investment accounts of every size globally, so they trade together with the advantages of artificial “predictive” intelligence (A.I). You can even can pay the platforms performance based profit sharing fees with the corresponding increases in it’s value.

The automatic turn-key investment technology was built over the past 6 years to provide you with both the opportunity for high returns and passive income.

The currency trading algorithm is accessed exclusively by using Compcoins. They are native smart digital coins that grant privileged access to automated professional currency trading. It works in accounts of leading financial institutions of your choice.

Your financial goals are possible with financial technology.

Compcoin provides technology to registered investment advisors. Licensed advisors provide the advice and Compcoin delivers the technology capable of above market returns. Returns are immediately available in your investment account at the end of each trading day.