What is the Compcoin token?

Compcoin is a token designed to save and/or invest with, rather than as a payment system.

How are Compcoin used?

Compcoin tokens are useful for getting A.I. Money management applications directly into private investment accounts. A.I. technology is essential to obtaining outsized returns in modern financial markets. Auto Investment services are in demand from both individual and institutional investors.

How does Compcoin Work?

All services on the Compcoin network are controlled by ART, the network’s A.I. auto-attendant. Art is fueled with Compcoins sent to him by investors using the Compcoin network. This allows users to choose their desired amount of financial trading and leverage. You can get help every step of the way with the guidance of a licensed Financial Advisor when you use the Compcoin network.

What will make Compcoin valuable to own now and into the future?

Compcoin is the only digital coin that has the capacity to grow capital for its community. Other coins simply provide apps or ways to transfer funds. The costs of operating these crypto coin networks means no growth in capital in the community except by members trading against each other.  Compcoin changes this.

Investor demand for positive cash flow from financial trading is a key driver of value.  

Compcoins are held securely in our Cold Storage Computer Wallet or in our Web Wallet.  They can be easily transferred to exchanges. All information contained in the wallet is encrypted.  Purchased Compcoins can be held in our digital wallet, and kept in a safe-deposit box.


The small stick cold storage device is customized to create a secure “wallet” to hold your coins. The wallet assigns a unique account number called an address. Your digital wallet is programmed to securely identify itself with other wallets across the Compcoin network.

To send coins, your wallet broadcasts to the rest of the network that the amount on your account should go down, and the amount on the receiver’s account should go up.  Each wallet then passes on that transaction info to other wallets. Once the information is validated, the transaction takes place.

Using our Compcoin Wallet, Compcoin holders may send and request Compcoin from other members on the Compcoin network.

As of June 2017, just over 4.9 million Compcoins have been created. Compcoin’s hard coded maximum of 10 million will be reached in Q1 2020 (See Compcoin mining schedule) .

Compcoin software is purchased by buying Compcoins.

  • Currency Applications — The initial and dominate use thus far has been to allow for profitable international currency trading outside of the centralized banking system
  • Financial Services — a better way to invest and keep accounts secure
  • Fulfillment of Contracts — automatically execute commercial transactions
  • Decentralized Lending — access to a larger pool of lenders and borrowers will yield more competition and lower market rates
  • Financial Markets — Digital currency exchange creates new markets
  • Privacy Applications — it can be used to protect passwords and secure all forms of digital communication
  • Software & Media Distribution — digital rights distribution and management without central control
  • Cloud Storage — Storing your files securely in the cloud costs less and is more convenient

Compcoins are designed to be scarce and become more valuable if investors see results.  New coins are added to the supply slowly on a set schedule that will end permanently in the first quarter of 2020.

Compcoins protect the currency trading system’s potential returns by capping the amount of capital traded that can be traded.  Compcoin’s value is designed to track along with the trading returns realized by its use. 

You can turn on or off trading at any time by clicking a button. You also can increase your orders by sending more Compcoins.

Digital coins are programmable Internet based tokens. Simply put, digital coins are the latest technological advancement in keeping track of financial numbers, and Compcoin is an unique innovation, programmed as a key it allows access to financial trading technology.

Advancements in cryptography and computer science have created Blockchain Technology that is likely to change the future of finance.

Blockchain Technology is easy to understand. It’s a digital accounting book (ledger). Using only computers, it keeps financial accounts without any central human bank manager. The incorruptible rules are agreed upon by the user’s network and are resistant to being manipulated by the human vices of waste, fraud, and abuse.

Digital coins from these crypto secured accounts are traded over the Internet with this technology. Digital coins are used to access financial applications and services over the Internet. Examples today are money exchange outside the banking system, automatic business contracts, and now with Compcoin–automatic currency trading.